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Michelle van Aarde

10 September 2015 - 8 March 2020 

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On the 8th of March 2020, our little daughter Michelle went Home to be with Jesus..... tough …. very tough experience. 

We were so blessed by the support of our family, friends, church, and community. We are surrounded by such amazing people, it is impossible to go through such tough times on your own.

We had a few interesting responses on our situation …. like one person said: “even if you have sinned why would God punish you so harshly?”

It is so sad ….. so sad that people have such a wrong perspective of God, they would think that God could punish somebody by taking their child away. That is such a wrong understanding of who God is, a complete misinterpretation of His character.

We live in a broken world and the reality of life is that bad thing can happen to good people.

But God is Faithful, He is walking this road with us, His grace is pulling us through and His healing power is restoring our hearts.

So stop worrying … live your life to the fullness in Him. Don`t put your time and energy into fighting, striving, or denying ….. but rather living... Your Heavenly Father has the final say!

Never question God`s Love to you! The price for your salvation was very high and precious!

And even if you are facing tough times - just know that you are deeply loved by Him and Jesus on the cross is the proof of it. 

A sufficient amount of His Grace is available for you and He wants to be your hiding place in the time of trouble.

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