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Why Blogging?

  • first of all for my own sake, just to sort out my thoughts and to put them on paper.

  • The second reason is to cherish these memories and the work which God did in our hearts while pulling us through such painful and tough experience. We are humbly acknowledging that nobody can help you in such a situation, it is beyond human ability to comfort parents who lost their beloved child  … But God! God can pull you through! He is the Comforter, He is the Healer, He is the Hiding Place, He is the One Who sustains us.

  • For our children. One day they will be big enough to ask questions and reflect on what had happened and all “Whys and Hows”. So they can go through this document and hopefully see what Dirk and I have seen – God's Grace beyond the measure, His Faithfulness of walking this road with us, or rather carrying us on His shoulders while we were unable to walk, His clear guidance.... step by step, day by day, giving us His Word of clarity and direction at each step of this journey. His love and compassion for us, as parents. God was crying with us, healing our brokenness and pain … and at the same time, He was welcoming His daughter Michelle into His Kingdom, showing her His treasures.

  • For anyone who ever lost their beloved. Just to share the principles which God showed us. There are supernatural things, which only God can do. Only He can give us revelations, open our mind for understanding, guide us through His Spirit, give clarity and a sense of direction... we can't fabricate it or fake it. But there are certain things which even He can't do without our cooperation. He can tell us what to do, but we must stand up and do it, He can show us the direction but we have to adjust our walk into that direction, He can speak His word to us, but we must practice it in obedience (even if we don't understand it all, or it doesn't make sense). Our obedience is the proof of our love and trust in Him. So we do what is possible and he does what is impossible, and He loves this partnership.

Why Blogging?: Welcome
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