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Let Your Kingdom Come.

Three and a half years after Michelle went to heaven …. Lots of things happened …. …. God gave us a son - David, he filled our lives with lots of joy; my father unexpectedly went to heaven … Russia attacked Ukraine; it is so painful to watch your people suffer so much….

Life is full of curve balls, but God is faithful and full of Grace. He is always with us.

We all go through seasons of pain and confusion; we don`t understand why this is happening to us.

But probably, this is the essence of our faith - to trust God in situations where we are powerless to change anything; these challenging journeys shape us, make our hearts bigger, and make us more compassionate and less judgmental. If you struggle with something, you can understand people going through the same struggle. If you battle in life -you have compassion towards people walking the same road, and if you suffer through something - you can help people facing the same challenge.

The key is not to get stuck in your pain but to keep moving. Your pain shapes you, but it was never meant to define you. Don`t allow it to become the lenses you are viewing life. Take time to recover, but it mustn't discourage you and steal your God-given dream.

Sometimes we meet such beautiful people; they are so kind and full of joy, they are so tactful and refined, we immediately get drowned toward them, they are full of light, and we feel so loved and accepted in their presence, the magnitude of their personality is like a magnet, we want to do life with such people. And when they start sharing their story with us one day, we can`t believe all the pain they had to deal with… how could you survive and be such a loving and beautiful person?

And maybe, … just perhaps, the struggle you are going through right now is to turn you into that great and beautiful person, and yes, it is unfair, and yes, you didn`t deserve it, and yes, it doesn't make any sense …..And it seems like God is doing absolutely nothing about it.

But maybe in the moment, God is doing something unique and fabulous in your heart! He is shaping you, He is making your heart bigger, He is shaping a much better version of you.

All our most significant life lessons are learned in the low moments of going through tough stuff, but if we love God and trust Him, He will pull us through and push us through. He will carry us in His hands and turn them into something beautiful; we must keep moving and trusting Him.

One day, you will wake up and see a beautiful person with a compassionate heart filled with Life in the mirror, and people around you will start experiencing glimpses of heaven, a tiny reflection of God`s Love through you! And all of a sudden, your journey will start making sense!

So yes, Lord, let Your Kingdom come; let Your will be done in our hearts!

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