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Updated: Nov 25, 2021

A few weeks later God told me that I have to reach out for help to somebody who walked the same road and got healed. A friend of mine gave me the contact details of June, she lost her 9 days old baby girl 10 years ago, but now she is completely restored. We connected with June over the Zoom, it was during the lockdown, so we couldn't meet in person.

Actually, I did see her in person just a few days after Michelle went to heaven, Dirk and I took our girls for a ballet session, while girls were dancing we were sitting

in a waiting area, drinking coffee and trying to keep the conversation going with other parents who were waiting for their children. We live in a beautiful community of caring people, many parents knew that we just lost our daughter, they tried to support us with their presence and kept our conversations light and cheerful.

One beautiful lady came to me and mentioned that she also lost her baby girl years ago, it was very tough but the Lord took her and all her family on a healing journey of restoration, so whenever I am ready - I can give her a call and we can meet for a cup of coffee. After she left I turned to Dirk and said: "I will contact this lady one day, I see Life in her eyes! She is celebrating the fullness of Life and I trust that the Lord will do the same for us".

So now, when we connected with her in a Zoom session I recognized her. What a blessed session we had with June, the Holy Spirit was ministering to me. The words out of her mouth had so much weight because she was in the same shoes, what an encouragement! If God could do it for her – He is able to do it for us!

June testified like she was crying in the presence of the Lord, holding small pieces of hair from her baby girl and asking the Lord: “Is this all that I have left of her?" The Lord told June: “release her”. So in prayer, she had to cut off emotional ties between her and her baby girl, releasing her. It was emotional but she experienced God's healing presence after that prayer. It is so amazing that when we open up before the Lord and speak (shout/whisper ) our true thoughts - then He can address them and give us His solution.

I didn`t mention to Dirk what June shared with me, but the next morning God attracted Dirk`s attention to the Scripture in 1 Samuel 1:21-28 where Hanna after many years of struggling to fall pregnant, got her child, brought him to the temple and dedicated him to the Lord. What an amazing woman!

She got her answer, her miracle, removal of her shame and she brought it back to God! It was a very tough emotional decision to make! Dirk felt that we have to do the same, we have to release Michelle emotionally, let her go, to cut off emotional ties with her. So we did it in prayer, it made us free and released the healing power of God into our hearts.

Our God is alive, He is able and willing to help us! The Lord is the strength of His people.

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Hi Luyda, I know June and her family very well. My yougest son and her only brother, Piet, were fishing friends here in Bettys Bay. I know her mother, Father and other sister Margo as well. What a wonderful family. They sadly lost this only brother through cancer as well. Through all these stormy and heartbreaking years they are still a God fullfilled family. Love to June whenever you two mums meet again. Santie Pienaar

Lyudmila van Aarde
Lyudmila van Aarde
Nov 24, 2021
Replying to

Thank you, Santie ❤️

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