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Only His opinion matters.

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

On the 4th of May 2020, I had a chat with God went something like this.

- So, Daddy, am I now a woman who lost her child? It doesn't feel nice and does not reflect well on You either.

At that moment, I heard the very clear voice of the Holy Spirit:

- It doesn't define you!

- So what does? Refresh my memory!

- I am the One Who defines you, and I will remind you of My opinion about you; it hasn't changed over the years and will never change.

Losing your child shakes you at many levels – the level of identity is one of them. And it is OK to stop, acknowledge, and embrace what is happening to you. Not to deny or fight or run away from the tough questions, but to open up your heart and work it through with God and people who love and support you.

The issue of our identity is vital.

And even if I can see around only two of my girls – I am still a mother of three beautiful daughters. And now, with a new edition of David – we are parents of four children, and we appreciate being acknowledged as a family of six in our conversations with other people.

So God took me on an inspiring and encouraging journey reminding me of my real "me". Some things He told me are very specific for me and my calling in life, so I won't put them here, but I will share something that applies to each of His children.

Jesus Christ is the definition of our true identity - our origin is now in Christ. After the death and the resurrection of Jesus, God restored our identity not just to the level of Adam but to the level of His Firstborn Son. He is the firstborn, and I am the "whatever is my number" born. This is not only a numerical number but the specification... He is the "prototype" of each of us; when I look at Him – I discover my true self. The way we see Jesus determines everything in our life.

The Mighty Sovereign God has chosen to relate to us as our Father. So, we are beloved sons and daughters of God in whom He is well pleased. He loves us because He is Love. His Love is based on His character. His Love is a declaration of the value that He places on us.

We are created for intimate relationships with Him. This is mind-blowing – He is with us! Whatever life throws at us – He gives us His shoulder to lean on and His wisdom to navigate through it.

We are His unique masterpiece. You are a beautiful and valuable human being created in the Image of God to reflect His beauty, kindness, creativity and whatever your gifts and talents are.

We are His righteousness; you are blameless and Innocent in the eyes of the Lord, and we have "right standing" with God through the cross.

We are His holy chosen people, His priesthood. We are redeemed; we are His; you belong! (Eph. 2:19)

We together are His dwelling place (Eph. 2:20). We are His Body, His Home. He establishes His Kingdom and fulfils His will through such imperfect people like us.

We are His Trophies - the sign for the enemy that he lost the battle and the sign for all creation that Jesus won!

I just see this picture of Jesus holding each of us high in His hand and almost bragging about us before all creation; "This is My son, look how he honours and obeys Me", "Look, this is my beloved daughter, she is pure and beautiful, she will do everything I tell her to do".

The truth is the only safe space to live in.

You know who you are – because your Father defines you.

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