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Prayer Support

The news about us spread like a wildfire. The same day (8th of March) our friends created a WhatsApp group for us, more than 100 people joined that prayer group, some of them we have never met before.

They organized meal delivery for us, the meal delivery schedule was filled up for the next few months. Some moms from the school offered us to transport our kids to and from the school; to make lunch boxes for our kids; to drive them to their sports activities; I have received messages from older women who were offering their time if I want to speak with someone, some of these precious ladies also lost their children and they were willing to be there for me; our neighbours were bringing us food and their hearts full of love and care; a few moms from Michelle's school, the owners of the restaurant, sent us meals; our pastors came to support us, they handled all practical logistics with organizing the memorial service.

There are no words to describe our thankfulness! We were very touched by such kindness and sincere care towards us as a family. It felt like God Himself put all these beautiful people around us, as a sign of His Love and care.

But one thing which we were thankful for the most – was the prayer support. We can testify that the power of the prayer is very real, it is like a solid substance on which we could stand.

I was sending our prayer requests to the WattsApp group and the community was praying for us, through all ups and downs of this journey they were carrying us on the wings of their prayers; they were praying and the Lord was releasing more and more of His grace enabling us to cope.

God surrounded me with 10 prayer warriors who supported me for the next year, they were my pillars of strength.

Going through the grief can be compared with the waves in the sea, sometimes the waves are small and gentle and sometimes they are very big and rough. If the strong wave comes – it sweeps you out of your feet... Every time when the big wave covered me one of these ladies would send me a message of support.

It was orchestrated by the Holy Spirit because none of them knew about each other and none of them knew what I was going through at that moment, but very soon I started to see the same pattern - as soon as the big wave was approaching, one of these ladies would indicate that the Lord is laying on their heart to pray for us. What a Mighty Lord we serve!

Prayer …. sounds a bit formal and religious … in my personal life, I call it “time to chat”.... to chat with my Daddy. I love these times when I jump into the car to do my daily stuff or sit on the terrace with a cup of coffee and we just chat …. about everything: issues I struggle with, decisions which should be made, how to handle kids, or what to cook for dinner and we giggle a lot … God has a very good sense of humour, He invented it!

He loves when we come into His throne room to chat with Him …. while crying or laughing, dancing or kneeling down, shouting or whispering …. so during these intimate moments, He can heal and restore us, give us His clarity and insight as well as reveal His heart to us.

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